L Shape Metal Glass Storage Racks Transport For Glass Processing



L-shape shelf a multi-functional glass stock rack. It is the first choice to store fragmented glass or finished glass. Shelf angle strictly controlled at 90 degrees, so it will never be slipped for the Hollowed Glass. With crown block and forklift truck, it can move glasses with great stability. And also can be directly handling by Crane. The shelf can be overlaid one by one to save storage space, transport space and improve utilization rate.



It can put the same as-received dozens of package specifications, norms neat pattern, and save space.



1. Length 1800*Height1600*Width750mm, effective glass-storing thickness reaches 540mm, exquisite and agile, suitable for small truck transport shelf back to back.

2. Length 1800*Height1600*width950mm, effective glass-storing thickness reaches 690mm, suitable for middle truck transport.

3. Length 1800*Height1600*width 1150mm, effective glass-storing thickness reaches 890mm, suitable for big truck transport.



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